CC Members

Here’s how to contact us and who we are:

Office-bearers Elected 27 June 2017, at LHNCC AGM
Chair  Robert Levick
Secretary Jennifer Marlborough
Treasurer Douglas Tharby
Other elected and co-opted members (elected September 2016)
Stewart Auld
Colin Brown
Elaine Dick
James F Duff
Allan Mackie
Evie Murray
Douglas Tharby
Robert Weir
Arthur W Young
Blyth McLucas and Bonita Preacher resigned in June 2017
Nominated groups (and their representatives)
Friends of Water of Leith (Don Giles)
Newhaven Church (Robert Weir)
Associate and ex-officio members
 Bruce Ryan
(minutes secretary)
Deidre Brock MP
Ben Macpherson MSP
Cllr Adam McVey
Cllr Chas Booth
Cllr Gordon Munro

Members are usually elected every 4 years, but individuals who demonstrate a commitment or have a local knowledge or expertise can be co-opted between elections.  If you would like to become a member then please contact us.

The Community Council is made up of local people who have the support of at least two of their neighbours and are willing to regularly attend the monthly meetings. If you would like to become a Community Council member, you can find more information here.

In addition  local groups can be co-opted onto the council – see the ‘nominated groups’ above.

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